Waxing can be quite a challenging experience for people with sensitive skin as it can cause Breakouts, Bumps or Redness. I myself have sensitive skin so there few things that I follow post my waxing regime to reduce the redness on my skin. There are specific varieties of wax available in the market that cater to the needs of people with sensitive skin, so don’t shy away from discussing the options with the salon lady/beautician.

The first thing to do right after waxing is to wash the area gently with water and apply a toner to close all the open pores. Post that there are various ways in which you can soothe the area.

1. With an Ice cube :

Rub an ice cube on the affected area for about 5 minutes or till the redness has subsided completely.

2.Aloe Vera gel & Lacto Calamine :


Combine together Aloe Vera Gel and Lacto calamine Lotion and apply it gently to the area. This combination works like a magic potion and calms the skin. This can be reapplied till the redness has completely vanished. It’s very important to just apply and leave it .DO NOT rub it on to the skin as it’s already sensitive.

3.Rose Water :


Always keep some rose water handy (Preferably cold). Spray it over the waxed area to reduce the redness.

4.Cucumber juice :


Apply some cucumber juice for an immediate soothing effect.

If the waxing has gone completely awry, then don’t shy away from consulting your doctor.

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