Flights can make the skin really dehydrated and dull, as the cabin air is really really dry.

Here are few things that can be kept in mind to ensure that we touchdown with healthy looking skin.

1. Hydration : Keep yourself adequately hydrated. Drinking plenty of water during the flight ensures healthy skin and also keeps you from stuffing yourself with the flight food.

2. Say no caffeine and aerated drinks : Avoid caffeine, alcohol and aerated drinks as not only do they dehydrate the skin but cause bloating as well. No one wants to look bloated once they land and especially on a holiday. However a cup of green tea doesn’t hurt.

3. Moisturize and moisturize : Once you have settled in your seat and are comfortable ensure that you moisturize your skin thoroughly./Once you are comfortably settled in your seat. You can also carry a /Carry a moisturizing facial mist with you and spritz all over the face whenever the need be. It will not only keep the face fresh but also help you to relax. You can also use a sheet mask during an international flight to keep your face adequately hydrated

4. Au Naturel : Use as less makeup as possible, as makeup further dehydrates the skin. If you can’t do without makeup then try and stick to the basics kohl, lip balm and gloss As for your hair you can keep them tied in a bun so that the cabin air does not dry them out Another tip is to mix together some Aloe Vera gel and lacto calamine and apply it liberally on your face for a nice glow

Let me know how this works for you guys.

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