Happiness is not something that we achieve because of our external circumstances. It’s a conscious choice that is available to all of US. You can choose happiness at any given point and no matter where or how you are.

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The point is that are you willing to exercise that choice? Are you willing to choose happiness every time? And most importantly are you allowing Happiness to really enter your life?  A lot of times we block happiness by thinking that either we don’t deserve it or it’s difficult to be happy. Well the good part here is that we all deserve to be happy and it’s up to us to incorporate few things in life that will make us happy.

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Below, I have listed some 22 ways in which you can choose to be a Happy soul. It’s up to you whether you choose 1 or many whatever resonates with your soul.

  1. Listen more, Speak less.
  2. Let the moment pass, especially if it’s an angry one
  3. React a little less.
  4. Drink some water.
  5. Give yourself a little more credit.
  6. Spend time with people who bring out the best in you.
  7. Don’t hand over the remote control of your emotions to anyone else.
  8. Stop Taking things so seriously, eventually everything passes.
  9. Stay Humble.
  10. Show kindness to a stranger.
  11. Develop an attitude of gratitude.
  12. Spend time with yourself, me time is very important.
  13. Go for a Walk, spend time with Mother Nature.
  14. Exercise for 10 minutes every day.
  15. For a change love your flaws.
  16. Take a hot shower.
  17. Hug yourself.
  18. Try a new cuisine.
  19. Give more, expect less.
  20. Value yourself the most in this world.
  21. Enjoy today.
  22. Keep your life simple.

A Beautiful Affirmation on Happiness “I have the power in me to create unlimited happiness and I now choose to exercise this power”. Remember, EACH OF US DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

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