An artist, a spiritual junkie, a dreamer, a chai lover and a shopaholic!

Hi, I’m Divya and I’m a certified makeup artist. Through this space I want share my thoughts on two things that are really close to my heart; Beauty and Spirituality.

I’m passionate about Make-up and its power to transform someone’s appearance by simply enhancing their natural looks, lending them with greater confidence. I’ll be here to share numerous tips on beauty, skin care and make-up and through some super fun sessions we’ll explore different kinds of looks for varied occasions. I also conduct personalized make up workshops to teach women expert make up techniques in order to achieve looks best suited to their personalities. Watch this space for more!

I feel that inner beauty and outer beauty go hand in hand. For me beauty is defined not just by the facial features but also by a beautiful heart. Real beauty to me is about honoring, respecting and accepting yourself the way you are.

Beauty can be found all around us and experienced in so many different ways. Wearing red lipstick one evening can make you feel like a goddess, a sunset can leave you enchanted, hours spent with family and friends can feel magical.

I am a firm believer in the law of karma “What goes around comes around” and I also believe, there is nothing in this world that can’t be achieved by the power of positive thinking.